Bookkeeping is our passion.
Let us take care of it while you focus on yours

Small business owners count on us to do their bookkeeping daily, so they always have up-to-date information at their fingertips.


takes a modern day approach to bookkeeping
We started Statemint after seeing so many companies struggling to make decisions because they didn’t have up to date information. Without good and timely data, people are making misinformed decisions, having difficulty getting financing or grants, and incurring penalties with CRA.
Why is the number one choice for your monthly bookkeeping and payroll services

Statemint takes a modern day approach to bookkeeping, we take advantage of all the tools and technology available to us today. We focus on:

We are completely paperless and using the newest products available to simplify your monthly bookkeeping process.

We’ve found ways to streamline the process and drive the cost of up-to-date information to as low as possible.


We are a licensed CPA firm with decades of combined experience and training.

We are constantly looking at new and better ways to service our clients and improve our process and product.
We want you to have the best information possible to help drive your business forward. You can count on getting a monthly financial statement package to help you make decisions.
We succeed when you succeed. If you need some professional advice on something going on in your business, we’re here to talk to you anytime.
Automation is important as it allows for increased efficiency and less stress.

It enables you to get your business properly organized on a timely basis allowing you to make the right decision in real time instead of relying on financial statements that are months behind.

cash flow forecasting, goal setting and tracking
that can take your business to the next level.
How can proper bookkeeping help your business get financing?
When pursuing financing, a prospective lender will first ask you for your financial statements. If your statements are several months behind they will require your records to be updated before agreeing to any terms. This could delay your financing process by weeks or months. With proper bookkeeping this will never be an issue and you will be able to quickly provide any lenders with up to date financial statements. In addition, up to date records will give lenders confidence that you can effectively run a profitable business that will be able to pay back the loan.

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