Statemint has a preferred set of software products to optimize your bookkeeping process. Our current products include:

QuickBooks Online

A robust, cloud-based software to maintain your general ledger, record your transactions and create your financial reports. You can log in anytime, and your data is always yours. We also use QuickBooks to process payroll for smaller clients.


A great product for document collection and management. You can upload your documents including invoices to Hubdoc and they’ll be categorized and archived. We use it to link up with QuickBooks and process your invoices.

Expensify automates the entire receipt and expense management process
We also support any other products which may be right for you, or that you are already comfortable with. Some popular ones are Xero, ReceiptBank, QuickBooks Time, Wagepoint, Ceridian PowerPay, Rise HR and more

In general, you’ll use Hubdoc to feed us documents from wherever you are. Because they’ll be kept secure in cloud storage, you’ll be able to discard the receipt or invoice as soon as you’ve uploaded it. We’ll take it from there!


Why do I need Statemint to do my bookkeeping?

There are many situations which may lead you to our door. Some clients just started their business in the last year and never got around to doing any record keeping, some clients have had their business grow so fast they don’t even know how well they’re doing. You could have been in business for a few years and find you’re just paying too much, or it takes too long to get your reports (or you’re not even getting monthly reports!). We also see that unfortunate situation where the client tried to do it themselves and in their own words, just ‘made a mess of it, please help!’. We can handle all these scenarios and so much more.

Does Statemint do everything I need?

We’ll process all your transactions into the accounting software and generate reports. We’ll discuss your results with you and answer any questions you have. The only thing we don’t do is handle your money. We don’t want access to your bank account (you’ll connect it securely to the software for us to see transactions) and that means we don’t pay your bills for you.

I live far away, how do I get my records to you?

We are completely paperless. You’ll use Hubdoc to upload receipts and invoices, or any other documents. You can also email documents to your Hubdoc storage, and take pictures with your phone or tablet. So you’ll never have to mail or courier anything and that means you can be anywhere in Canada and work with us seamlessly.

My records are months behind, can you help?

Absolutely! We are comfortable taking on the backlog and we’ll get you up to date fast!

Why can't I just get it done once a year?

There’s lots of reasons to have up-to-date information on your business, such as understanding your performance and profitability so you can adjust your apporach as necessary. However, during Covid-19 we certainly saw a much greater need for up-to-date records in order to take advantage of government subsidies, loans, and grants. Many small businesses were left out of these programs because they hadn’t done the right things in prior years and had no up-to-date records.

Isn't it expensive to have the work done monthly?

We’ve driven the cost as low as possible by using great software and streamlining the processes. Our clients find us very reasonable and you will too.

What else does Statemint do?

Beyond monthly financial statements and related filings (such as GST) we can also help you with a business plan to get financing, discuss buying versus leasing new equipment, develop a budget, resolve your issues, and so much more. We have CPAs and CFAs in our firm with a large variety of experiences in almost every industry.

Will I be charged extra for every little thing?

Absolutely not! Our pricing is all-in so you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges.

Do you do my taxes too?

Our firm is not focused on tax work, but if you are our monthly client we will gladly also do the tax work as a separate engagement in most circumstances. Otherwise, your books will be in such great shape that you’ll get the best price possible from other dedicated tax providers.